Friday, October 14

How Folklorists Can Address the #MeToo Movement

Friday, October 14, 1:15 pm–2:15 pm
Tulsa North

Sponsored by the American Folklore Society

Chair: Rachel V. Gonzalez-Martin (The University of Texas, Austin)

Constance Bailey (University of Arkansas)
Thomas McKean (Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen)
Claire M. Schmidt (Missouri Valley College)
Jessica Turner (American Folklore Society)
Marilyn M. White (Kean University, retired)

This forum on the #metoo movement and its relationship to folklorists in academic settings addresses the issue of sexual/gender abuse, discrimination, harassment, and alienation as they continue to affect us all. This diverse group of speakers will address the #metoo movement as narratives, as cultural work that accompanies situations of unequal power relations in academe, and as extra burdens put on minority members of departments and AFS that are added to often discriminatory demands at all levels. Changing social and cultural rules of personal conduct and productivity demand attention without ostracizing those who speak out and call for social change. This session will be followed by a decompression session in the same room, 2:15-3:15pm.