Saturday, October 15

08-01 Queering Disney [hybrid]

Note 10/3/22: Francesca Arnavas has withdrawn. The adjusted schedule is 11:00 Smith, 11:30 Eldridge, 12:00 optional discussion time.

Saturday, October 15, 10:30 am–12:30 pm
Tulsa Central

  session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Chair: Brittany Eldridge (University College London)

10:30 am
The Queer Fairy-Tale Web: Parodying Disney from Online Counterpublics [virtual]
Alba Morollon Diaz-Faes (NOVA University of Lisbon)

11:00 am
“Queer Things Happening”: Wonderland as a Wish-Landscape of Liberation and Queerness [virtual]
Francesca Arnavas (University of Tartu)

11:30 am
LeFou: The Queer Sidekick [virtual]
Kyle Troy Smith (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

12:00 pm
Fear the Queer: Vilifying Queer Characters in Disney Films
Brittany Eldridge (University College London)

Disney's relationship with the queer community has recently come under significant strain. This panel will discuss the relationship between Disney films and aspects of the queer community, focusing on Disney fairy tale films and queerness. The panel begins with the parodying of Disney films by Todrick Hall and Jose Rodolfo Ontiveros Loaiza. The discussion then leads to queer space and the possibility of Disney's Wonderland being a representation of queer space. Following this is an example of queercoding as found in the character of LeFou. The panel ends with a talk on queerbaiting and queercoding as found in Disney’s villains.