Saturday, October 15

09-14 Examining Folk and Fairy Tales

Change: Veronica Schanoes can not attend; a recording of her paper will be presented in absentia, and Jeana Jorgensen (Butler University) will chair.

Saturday, October 15, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm
Director 5

This live event will not be recorded.

Chair: Jeana Jorgensen (Butler College)

2:30 pm
Armenian Folktales in Russian Publications of the 19th Century
Gohar Melikyan (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Academy of Sciences of Armenia)

2:45 pm
Jewish Folktales from Morocco: The Case for the Use of Tales in Socio-Historical Research
Marc Eliany (Retired)

3:00 pm
Presenting a Reimagined Analytical Model for Engaging with a Reimagined Literary Fairy Tale
Maggie Mercil (Utah State University)

3:30 pm
“I Know You Killed My Mother”: The Good Stepmother and the Serial Killer in Disney’s Cruella (2021)
Claudia Schwabe (Utah State University)

4:00 pm
Sorcery, Soil, and the Jew in The Blue Fairy Book’s “The Bronze Ring”
Veronica Schanoes (Queens College, City University of New York)

Assembled Panel