Thursday, October 13

02-04 Puppetry, Embodiment, and Disruption With Performing Objects [hybrid]

Thursday, October 13, 10:30 am–12:30 pm
Promenade B

  session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Chair: Fethiye Meltem Türköz (Boğaziçi University) and Cariad Astles (Unima)

Forum participants:

Jasmine Erdener (Koç University)

Alissa Mello (Independent)

Paulette A. Richards (Independent Researcher)

This forum invites us to take a closer look at how acts of imagination between puppets, operators, and audiences/participants can perform "the conditions of possibility" for recentering peripheries. As performers, scholars, and practitioners of puppetry, participants in this forum reflect on what it means to think of the material world as animate, whether as an expressive medium for resistance, as a conduit for ancestral wisdom, gender fluidity, or as an intermediary for healing. The puppet's liminal status as a "materially constructed body," allows it to play intermediary roles as a transitional object, or alternative body in medical environments and disability work.