Meet the Editors: Demystifying the Journal Publishing Process [hybrid]

Saturday, November 04, 1:15 pm–2:15 pm
Broadway I/II

session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Chair: Lisa Gilman (George Mason University)

Sheila Bock (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Lorraine Walsh Cashman (Journal of American Folklore)
Rachel V. González-Martin (University of Texas at Austin)
Robert Guyker (Chapman University (Orange, CA))
John Laudun (University of Louisiana)
Solimar Otero (Indiana University)
Marisa Wieneke (Indiana University Bloomington)

The editors of the Journal of American Folklore, Journal of Folklore Research, Western Folklore, Cultural Analysis, and Narrative Culture are hosting this session to demystify the process of publishing in a folklore journal. Participants will have the opportunity to meet some of the editors working behind the scenes for an informal conversation. We will discuss the foci and missions of each journal, when to consider submitting, how to prepare a manuscript for submission, what happens after you submit, and what happens after acceptance. We invite students, junior scholars/professionals, and anyone who would benefit from learning about the process. We especially encourage colleagues of color and/or those working in anti-racist and decolonial areas of study to join in the discussion.Participants:Chair, Journal of American Folklore: Lisa Gilman (Editor-in-Chief) and Lorraine Walsh Cashman (Senior Managing Editor)Journal of Folklore Research: Solimar Otero (Editor) and Marisa Wieneke (Managing Editor)Western Folklore: Rachel V. González-Martin (Editor)Contemporary Legend: John Laudun (Co-Editor)Cultural Analysis: Robert Guyker (Associate Editor)Narrative Culture: Sheila Bock (Co-Editor)