Yes, #YouToo

Saturday, November 04, 2:30 pm–4:00 pm
Executive Suite

An informal get-together, a place for men to share reflections on their own experiences of being men in the workplace. As we try to reach a post #MeToo era, it is incumbent upon us to examine our own behaviours, privileges, and assumptions. Brave women have spoken up and (often) been heard. It is time for men to address the cultural and social assumptions, attitudes, actions, and silences that allow sexist exploitive environments to exist and remain pervasive. What have I done to perpetuate the status quo? What have I not done to call out inappropriate behaviours? What casual assumptions, conscious or otherwise, do I make about my own position of power in a field that prides itself on social equity and justice? Join us to reflect on our central role in creating the need for a #MeToo movement in the first place and our essential role in making such a movement obsolete.