Models of Mentorship: A Workshop with Sonia Mañjon, LeaderSpring Center [Hybrid]

Friday, November 03, 12:45 pm–2:15 pm
Broadway I/II

Sponsored by the American Folklore Society

Chair: Sonia BasSheva Mañjon, PhD (LeaderSpring Center)

What does “mentorship” mean to you? What have been your most impactful mentorship experiences, and why? Through this session, Sonia Mañjon, Co-executive Director of LeaderSpring Center, will historicize and contextualize various models of mentorship, including mentorship, sponsorship, and cohort models. Dr. Mañjon will then lead participants through an individual reflection process so that they can consider their own histories, experiences, and practices of models of mentorship. Participants will experience a think tank process that was developed by Dr. Mañjon and her students at The Ohio State University as a transdisciplinary approach to mentoring through collaboration. The process engaged relationship building between non-profit organizations, a professional performing arts group, and graduate students in the collective development of a think tank methodology or an authentic interactive approach to student learning. The relationships supported a pedagogy of engagement that incorporates the tenants of collaboration and mentorship at multi-layered levels. These levels will be explored through video and visuals created and implemented in two separate Think Tanks between 2014 and 2017.Dr. Mañjon's career spans more than 30 years in higher education, nonprofit management, government administration, and public and private sector consulting. Since becoming Executive Director of LeaderSpring Center (LSC) in 2018, she has steered the organization to deepen its commitment to elevating and strengthening the vision, voice, power, and leadership of women of color. In 2023, LeaderSpring adopted a liberatory organizational framework and distributive leadership model where she became Co-Executive Director. Dr. Mañjon teaches in the Nonprofit Management Program at California State University East Bay and Graduate Nonprofit Administration Program at the University of San Francisco.LeaderSpring's mission is to foster a powerful, equity-driven social sector by strengthening leaders and organizations; developing communities of leaders; and transforming the systems in which they work. LeaderSpring undertakes its work by delving deeply into what impacts and undermines leadership among people of color in the social sector and other marginalized groups, honing-in on systems of oppression. These systems not only assail low-income and historically marginalized populations, but they also impact the leadership of those committed to transforming communities.If you like this workshop, join Sonia for a presentation about her work at LeaderSpring Center, “Transforming Culture in the Workplace: An Asset-based Approach to Foster a Powerful Equity-driven Social Sector” on Saturday, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm in Broadway III/IV.