Dwight in Denmark: Film Screening

Thursday, November 02, 8:00 pm–10:00 pm
Broadway III/IV

Chair: James P. Leary (University of Wisconsin, Madison, emeritus) and Jens Lund (Washington State Parks and Recreation, retired)

Cristopher Anderson (Cris Anderson Productions, Inc.)

Dwight Lamb has been an important and influential fiddler in the American Midwest for decades, but due to a chance encounter with Danish champion fiddler Kristian Bugge and accordionist Mette Kathrine Jensen Staerk, he is now also important and influential in Denmark. Dwight had learned Danish tunes as a child from his immigrant grandfather. “Dwight in Denmark” tells this story and follows a tour that he, Kristian and Mette made after they began collaborating musically. Their work together has led to the rediscovery in Denmark of many traditional tunes that had become extinct there.