General Info

This hub and this page are still growing, and will become more comprehensive as we get closer to the meeting. The Hub should help you find all the information you need to engage in the 2022 Annual Meeting.

If you can’t find what you need on the Hub, there’s more information about the 2022 AFS Annual Meeting on the main AFS website, where we round up all available, current meeting information, resources and announcements.


  • Guidelines for Accessible Presentations (forthcoming): AFS asks all presenters to read and follow these guidelines and to ask for assistance if needed.
  • Hybrid sessions: A limited number of hybrid sessions are being offered at the Annual Meeting this year. “Join Session” links will be visible on session detail pages the day of the session, but not before. Can’t see them that day? Log in! (link forthcoming)
    • Since hybrid sessions will be recorded and available for asynchronous access afterwards, our limited tech support staff will prioritize aiding hybrid presenters. If you are a viewer and cannot log in, we invite you to contact us, but we may not be able to assist you in time to attend the live session.
  • View Recordings: Recordings of some sessions and events will be added about a day after they occur. Go the the session details page to find the embedded video. Recordings will be available through January 2023.

Hub Log In

Anyone may view this entire program, including the Schedule and Showcase. For the moment, Log In is not available, but it will be activated in mid-August. AFS will send log-in instructions to registered users when it is available.

Log in is only required for access to live hybrid sessions, recordings, and for presenters’ contact information, which is visible to signed-in users in the Presenter Index.


Tributes to departed colleagues will be read during the Time of Remembrance. Only statements that are submitted to AFS by October 1 will be included in the ceremony.

In addition, a memorial board and table will be located in the Foyer for other memorial tributes from Thursday, 8:00 am until Saturday noon. Paper, pens, and push pins will be provided for anyone who would like to post remembrances of any friends or colleagues. Mementos may also be displayed on the table, but food and live candles are not permitted. This is a public space, so please do not leave any mementos that would be painful to lose. You must reclaim displayed materials before noon on Saturday.


See AFS Meeting Policies, which includes information concerning appropriate behavior, audiovisual equipment, social media use, and last-minute cancellations or no-shows. 


Information for Presenters (forthcoming): including Guidelines for Accessible Presentations, tips for chairs, etc. In the meantime, you can find general AV information in AFS Meeting Policies.

We urge all presenters to stay on schedule. Keeping to the published schedule makes it possible for audience members to find the presentations that interest them. 

Follow the schedule of presentations as it is published in program material, with adjustments only as noted on the program addendum when necessary.

Program and Events

The program consists largely of sessions and events submitted by participants and approved by the 2021 AFS Review Committee, except for those organized by AFS and the Local Arrangements Committee.

Almost all sessions, meetings, and special events are open to all meeting participants. Exceptions are noted in the schedule as “for invited participants only” or as requiring preregistration; preregistration closes before the meeting for events scheduled on Wednesday.

  • Meeting Highlights: threads by theme or topic and by sponsor
  • Index of Events (forthcoming): look for sessions and events by sponsor and type, including opportunities for students and professional development.

Program Updates

Changes to the program inevitably arise at any moment before and during the conference.

Report Changes

It’s very important that you notify AFS staff as soon as possible with information about changes or cancellations, even during the meeting itself. AFS staff will attempt to share this information with attendees via the Addendum and the online program.

Inform Yourself

Use the Addendum, which is the best source of up-to-the minute schedule changes. We will promptly record all information there that we receive about changes to the program from August 1 through each day of the meeting.

The Hub schedule data will be updated roughly every 1-2 weeks in August and September, and more frequently in October. A print addendum that contains all changes received between August 1 and October 1 will be distributed with the print program book and available at the meeting registration desk. 

It is especially important to check the addendum for each day of the conference for withdrawals: typically, when a paper is withdrawn, all subsequent presentations move up to fill the gap. The adjusted schedule will be noted on the addendum and the online program.

Social Media

Follow AFS on Twitter @afsfolklorists, or on Facebook and Instagram @americanfolkloresociety. Track posts about the meeting with the hashtag #afsam22. 

Please review our policies on social media use.

Tours and Workshops

Sign up for conference workshops and for tours of downtown Tulsa, the historic Greenwood neighborhood, the Philbrook Museum of Art, and the Woody Guthrie Center. Preregister by October 1. Learn more.

Tulsa and Conference Venues

  • Onsite Information: Read or download a pdf this section from the program book, including information about the venue (forthcoming)
  • Hyatt Regency Tulsa Map
  • Local Information: including booking a guest room at the conference hotel, visitors’ information, maps, and the Tulsa Local Arrangements Committee’s Guide to Tulsa.
  • Other Conference Venues: (information forthcoming)
  • Quiet Room: Bridgeport on the Hilton’s 2nd Floor is reserved for those who want to work or just enjoy some relative peace. Please remove yourself from this room for conversation, phone calls, or any other potentially disruptive activity. Hours of availability are posted to the schedule.


Check our FAQs, or email us.