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8:00 am–2:30 pm
New Governor


8:00 am–5:00 pm

Quiet Room

8:30 am–10:00 am

Concurrent Sessions (51)

51-01  Popular Culture and Folklore in the United States

51-02  Orality and Literacy in Legend, Rumor, and Conspiracy Theory

51-03  Documentation and Presentation of Folk Arts

51-05  Digital Discourse in Long-Term Perspective

10:00 am–10:30 am

Coffee Break

10:30 am–12:00 pm

Concurrent Sessions (52)

52-01  Magnificent Healing: Mending the Healthcare System through Stories

52-02  New Directions Forum: Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Folklore Research

52-03  Jokes, Humor, and Tradition

52-05  Children’s and Youth’s Futurities and Folklife Studies: Recentering the Periphery

12:00 pm–2:00 pm

Break, Concurrent Events

12 pm–1 pm
Virtual only

LGBTQIA+ Section Networking Event

12:15 pm–1:45 pm
Harrisburg Ballroom: Carlisle

Networking Sessions

12:30 pm–1:30 pm

Worlds of Papercut Art

2:00 pm–3:30 pm

Concurrent Sessions (54)

54-01  The Folklorist as Conservationist: Reflecting on 75 Years of State Folklore Programs

54-02  Identified/Identifying as Black: Folklife and African American Identity

54-03  News, Politics, and Humor

54-04  What a Good Idea: Folklorically Informed Alternatives to Traditional Assignments in Undergraduate Classes

54-05  Folklore of Conflict, Disaster, and Survival

3:30 pm–4:00 pm

Afternoon Refreshments

4:30 pm–5:30 pm
Harrisburg Ballroom: Lancaster/Getty/Carlisle

Festival of Ideas: A Call to Action  

5:30 pm–7:30 pm
Harrisburg Hilton Bar

Folklore Happy Hour: From Virtual to In-Person

5:30 pm–7:30 pm
Bacco Pizzeria & Wine Bar, 20 North Second Street (across the street from the Hilton)

Local Learning Happy Hour

7:00 pm–8:15 pm
Harrisburg Ballroom: Lancaster/Getty/Carlisle

Don Yoder Memorial Lecture in Religious Folklife    

Sponsored by:
Folk Belief and Religious Folklife Section

Chair: Margaret Kruesi (American Folklife Center, retired)

The Virgin Mary’s Body: Immaculate Rejection

Kay Turner (New York University)


Norma E. Cantú (Trinity University)

Origin legends associated with Roman Catholic Marian cults often concern the bodily needs and report the miraculous personified actions of “representational” statues of the Virgin. Whether told officially or unofficially, such stories interrogate the thin doctrinal line between body and spirit. They may also provoke debate concerning female embodiment and women’s agency. A case in point is the Church-ratified 1623 legend of the now widely venerated Mexican icon, La Virgen de San Juan, as it was reimagined and contested in a 1987 recounting by Texas-Mexican partera (midwife), Margarita “Maggie” Guerrero. Not only positioning the Virgin as an autonomous actor and providing a unique asynchronous portal into gender and clerical tensions in colonial Mexico, Sra. Guerrero’s version also reads as an autobiographical allegory—and a feminist adumbration—of women’s unheeded healing powers.

Don Yoder (1921–2015) was the ground-breaking scholar who worked to integrate the study of folklife studies into the curriculum of US folkloristic scholarship and pedagogy. The Don Yoder Lecture in Religious Folklife was inaugurated in 2003 by the Folk Belief and Religious Folklife Section to honor his life and work.

8:30 pm–9:30 pm
Harrisburg Ballroom: Lancaster/Getty/Carlisle

“Come On In” and “Let It Be Real”: An Evening with the Spiritual Messengers Warriors for God    

9:30 pm–11:00 pm
Harrisburg Ballroom: Lebanon/York

Memorial for Leonard Norman Primiano  

9:30 pm–11:30 pm

Join Others for Real Talk: Why the F— Am I Here? What Else Could I Be Doing?

9:30 pm–11:30 pm
Harrisburg Ballroom: Carlisle

Vocal Jam (in-person)

9:30 pm–11:30 pm

Instrumental Jam Session

9:30 pm–11:00 pm

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