In Search for New and Old Sounds: Musical Mobilities within the Folk Music Revival in 1970s Sweden

Karin Eriksson (The Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research, Stockholm, Sweden)

This paper explores musical mobilities within the folk music revival during the 1970s in Sweden. By rethinking the margins of revival spaces, it aims to problematize the common view of this movement as foremost focused on Swedish traditional music. It will examine a balalaika orchestra, playing traditional music from Russia, Georgia and Ukraine. The paper will show how musicians’ pathways are entangled with shifts in folk music aesthetics, shaping spatial stories which points towards transnational belongings and possible cosmopolitan futures together.

Part of 21-03 Creative Shifts: Music, Mobility, and Meaning in a Globalizing North, Tuesday, October 19, 9:30 am–11:00 am