“Thanks for Lending Me the Music”: On Musical Routes and Loops

Dan Lundberg (Swedish Performing Arts Agency)

Departing from recordings of Bosnian music made by a Swedish composer in the ‘60s this paper develops ideas of “routes” and “loops” as a way to understand how expressive forms, such as music, are always in motion, transit, or flux. A loop is established when a phenomenon (a signal, sign, an expressive form, etc.) is set in motion in a circular manner. While notions like “preservation” and “change” seem to imply naturalised static positions, “loops” call for an understanding of cultural phenomena as confined by motions, tracks, routes, and itineraries.

Part of 21-03 Creative Shifts: Music, Mobility, and Meaning in a Globalizing North, Tuesday, October 19, 9:30 am–11:00 am