Limits and Opportunities of Heritagization: Two Examples from Estonia

Elo-Hanna Seljamaa (University of Tartu)

Estonia is undergoing a heritage boom that affects the ways in which individuals and communities make sense of their traditions as well as public perceptions of and expectations for folklore studies and folklorists. The presentation explores two case studies that point to ensuing opportunities for the field and for actors on the ground, but also to the limits of heritagization: the Unesco-listed Kihnu cultural space, a tiny island in the Baltic Sea, and Victory Day that commemorates WWII and is associated with Estonia’s Russian-speaking population. Both underline the usefulness of holding on to heritage and folklore as discreet categories.

Part of 12-01 Heritage Studies and Folkloristics, Part I: Heritagization, Folklore Studies, and Transformations of Traditions, Monday, October 18, 11:15 am–12:45 pm