Denying Black Girlhood: Racialized Listening Practices in the Classroom

Kennedi Alexis Johnson (Indiana University)

Being constantly misheard and denied the right of voice and expression is common to the experience of Black women in the US; however, I am most bothered by the mishearing of Black girls. Racialized listening practices in the classroom result in the policing of the Black body and a denial of humanity and childhood. To discuss these listening practices and their effects, I will engage ideas of racial formation, sound studies, and auto-ethnography. Lastly, I consider the how educators and children folklorists can transform the classroom into liberatory space through Black feminist thought, critical pedagogy, and active listening.

Part of 52-05 Children’s and Youth’s Futurities and Folklife Studies: Recentering the Periphery, Friday, October 22, 10:30 am–12:00 pm