#TogetherApart: Youth Zines and Feminist Disability Studies in Quarantine

Rebecca E. Kunin (Indiana University)

Zines are self-published media that often resemble handmade magazines. Young people, with minimal access to mainstream media yet more leisure time than adults, create their own networks through zines. This paper draws from case studies of youth-produced zines during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the theoretical insights of Feminist Disability Studies. Youth-produced zines are spaces where experiences of disability are critically examined in ways that can inform scholars, healthcare professionals, educators, social workers, and parents. As first-hand accounts, zines also provide vital critiques of government responses and highlight the diverse ways that the pandemic affected individuals, families, and groups of people.

Part of 52-05 Children’s and Youth’s Futurities and Folklife Studies: Recentering the Periphery, Friday, October 22, 10:30 am–12:00 pm