Children’s Folklore in Transition: Queer and Transgender Youth Inclusivity

Fernando A. Orejuela (Indiana University)

Children folklorists today must begin to accept and incorporate adjectives such as cis, trans, and genderfluid to denote more accurately membership in our studies of girl-lore/boy-lore. We also must learn how to navigate better gender-centric communities alongside other intersectional identity traits. How can we be fairer in representing queer and transgender kids in our ethnographic work and temper a temptation to call them a vulnerable population as though they were incapable of being self-determining? This paper seeks to understand queer and transgender children as sometimes political but more often infrapolitical activists doing queer-liberation in the practice of their everyday lives.

Part of 52-05 Children’s and Youth’s Futurities and Folklife Studies: Recentering the Periphery, Friday, October 22, 10:30 am–12:00 pm