Fen Alcohol Making as Intangible Cultural Heritage in Contemporary China: Integration of Alcohol Regime and Heritage Regime on the Ground

Ziying You (The College of Wooster)

This paper examines the intersection of “alcohol regime” and “heritage regime” within global, national, and local contexts in contemporary China. My ethnographical case study is on Fen Alcohol, one of the most well-known Chinese liquors made from grain, produced in Xinghuacun, Fenyang City, Shanxi Province. I combine historical methods with ethnography to study the long process of fen alcohol making in Shanxi, the role of different actors in producing and promoting fen alcohol from the local to the global, and the integration of “alcohol regime” and “heritage regime” on the ground.

Part of 24-02 Heritage Studies and Folkloristics, Part III: Public Practice and ICH Safeguarding through Heritage Regimes, Academic and Cultural Institutions , Tuesday, October 19, 2:15 pm–3:45 pm