Other People’s Lives: Folklorist Photographer Margaret Fay Shaw’s Hebridean Reflections

Fiona J. Mackenzie (National Trust for Scotland)

Linda McCartney said of photography, “If you see something that moves you, and  snap it, you keep a moment.” Pittsburgh born photographer ethnologist Margaret Fay Shaw understood this. Her photography of the Scottish Hebridean people provides us with a candid glimpse of ‘Other people’s lives’ in the 1920’s/30’s. National Trust for Scotland Archivist Fiona Mackenzie, introduces and re-presents Shaw’s 1958 BBC broadcast  “Other People’s Lives”, to demonstrate an archive’s potential to be a “Synergetic Phenomenon”. The Canna Folklore Archives, image, early film, correspondence, sound, anecdote and song,  demonstrate  the  power of a ‘jigsaw’ Archive to tell stories.

Part of 31-02 Women in/and the Folklore of Ireland and the U.K., Wednesday, October 20, 9:30 am–11:00 am