I Am Subject to a Tyrant: Caliban’s Parrhesia

Judith Lanzendorfer (University of Findlay)

“I Am Subject to a Tyrant: Caliban’s Parrhesia” examines how Caliban uses language as a mode of resistance against Prospero. Caliban’s vengeance is primarily linguistic and characterized by emotion of loss, violence and fear. As such, special attention will be paid to two of Caliban’s utterances “I do not lie” (II.ii.48) and “I’ll be wise hereafter / and seek for grace” (V.i.194-5). Caliban’s use/misuse of language as a weapon may be framed through the lens of Post-Colonial/New World literature, where language can be seen as a form of coping and resistance to tyrannical forces.

Part of 26-04 Nature Abhors a Tyrant, Tuesday, October 19, 5:15 pm–6:45 pm