The Politics of Amish Buggies: Maintaining Plain Communities’ Right to the Road

Lawrence Morris (Albright College)

The safety and road rights of Amish and Mennonite horse-and-buggy users have become politically contentious issues. States have attempted to increase road safety by regulating buggies, rather than the vehicles that hit them. In Pennsylvania, for example, state law requires buggies to pull off the road if slowing traffic. Such legislation could result in buggies having no realistic right to the road. To tackle this problem, a student service-learning project studied the causes of buggy accidents and developed a campaign to ensure buggies’ safe right to the road. This paper will both present the project’s findings and explore the service-learning methodology

Part of 43-01 Pennsylvania Dutch Linguistic, Ritual, and Political Environments, Thursday, October 21, 1:00 pm–2:30 pm