A Study of Dramatic Aspects in Phorkhani Ritual

Negar Noofeli ()

''Porkhani'' is one of the vernacular healing rituals of Turkmens. The ritual is still observed among Turkmens of North Khorasan and Golestan provinces. The ritual is used to banish evil spirits from patient bodies and is effective according to Turkmens vernacular beliefs. The roots of this ritual can be searched in Shamanism Turkic tribes and Mongols, which has taken an Islamic color and formed after the spread of Islam. The musical dimension and the dramatic aspect are the most important parts of a Porkhani ceremony. ''Porkhan''(the healer) tries to gather unseen powers together through communication with the supernatural elements and to dominate the ill spirit with a Dutar (a musical instrument) and materials like a rope hanging from the ceiling, a bag, a skimmer, some sticks, a whip combined with dramatic performances. In this research, the dramatic aspects of ''porkhani'' ritual are being considered.

Part of 11-01 Dynamics of Belief and Practice in the Ritual Context: Five Cases from Contemporary Iran, Monday, October 18, 9:30 am–11:00 am