We Are Not a Museum Culture: Decolonizing Representations of Sámi Dress

Carrie Hertz (Museum of International Folk Art)

Within the logic of settler colonialism, Sámi dress traditions were stigmatized and suppressed across the Nordic region. For an increasing number today, the creative public display of Sámi identity through known sartorial markers resists invisibility and asserts cultural resiliency. This presentation highlights Sámi artists and activists who fashion Sámi dress and its visual representation in order to combat the stereotypes imposed by non-Sámi majorities; affirm Indigenous value systems, aesthetics, and self-esteem; amplify messages against ongoing discrimination, environmental degradation, and resource exploitation in Sápmi, and secure vivacious futures built on a foundation of dynamic multigenerational continuity.

Part of 34-01 Decolonizing Folklore II, Wednesday, October 20, 2:15 pm–3:45 pm