Along a Burned Forest Trail: Oblivion and Invention in a Haunted Landscape

LottenĀ Gustafsson Reinius (Stockholm University)

Following a particular and literal forest path - well-known to the scholar yet transformed to the verge of unrecognizability - this paper approaches the overarching themes of folklore and forest memory in the face of climate change related loss. Using visual and walking autoethnography in a Swedish boreal landscape shaped by layers of scars from resource extraction and more recent dramatic wildfires this paper adds embodied and affective perspectives through a reading landscape and traces. More generally, attention will be paid to the potentials of oblivion and invention in landscapes haunted by social memory, disorientation, and loss.

Part of 26-03 Forest-Lore in the Pyrocene, Tuesday, October 19, 5:15 pmā€“6:45 pm