Burning the Bond? Agitating Relations in the Northern Montane Forest

Flora Mary Bartlett (Goldsmiths University of London and Stockholm University)

This highly visual paper explores agitated relations in Northern Sweden in terms of sustainability, climate change, and forest fires. Local hunters in rural Arjeplog frame their practice as symbiotic, aiding future forest growth by managing the moose population. They position this as antithetical to urban lifestyles in sustainability discourses, while climate change was understood as natural. Forest symbiosis was challenged, however, with the encroachment of 2018’s forest fires. This agitated relations, causing emplaced fear in familiar forests. I contemplate the implication of these agitations and ask how this might affect the previous climate scepticism of this community in the future.

Part of 26-03 Forest-Lore in the Pyrocene, Tuesday, October 19, 5:15 pm–6:45 pm