“Muddy Dogs” in Struggles: Discourses about Tradition, ICH, and Identity around a Clay Toy

Yuanhao (graham) Zhao (National University of Singapore)

“Muddy Dogs,” are a type of clay folk toy in Henan Province, China. As a form of local material culture, Muddy Dog is a crucial node in a network of discourses that allows tradition continuance, innovation and expressions of national identity to intertwine and speak to one another. In this project he looks at how actors from local and outside enact different discourses onto the making and marketing of Muddy Dogs, to discuss the dynamics in the life of a clay toy, as well as local cultural life. 

Part of 26-02 “Folk” Culture in Eastern Asia: Transition, Survivance, and Attendance, Tuesday, October 19, 5:15 pm–6:45 pm