Mythologism in the Context of Heritage Tourism:An Ethnographic Study on Tour Guide’s Myth-telling Performance in Northern China

Lihui Yang (Beijing Normal University)

"Mythologism" refers to the reconstruction of myths due to the influence of modern cultural industry and electronic media since the second half of the twentieth century, when myths are taken out of the everyday life of communities and replanted in new contexts, shown to different people, and endowed with new functions and meanings. Based on a long-term fieldwork and taking re-telling the myths of the Great Goddess Nüwa by tour guides at the Wahuang Temple in Hebei Province in north China as the case, this presentation analyzes the re-telling performances of individual guides and explores the features of mythologism embodied in the context of heritage tourism.

Part of 28-02 Folkloristic Work on Myth: Trends, Developments, and Tricksters, Tuesday, October 19, 8:45 pm–10:15 pm