Behind the Scenes of Leggende delle Alpi (1889): Maria Savi-Lopez and the Quest for Popular Traditions in Post-Unification Italy

Elena Sottilotta (University of Cambridge, UK)

Maria Savi-Lopez (1846-1940) was a prolific Neapolitan writer, teacher and folklorist who authored several anthologies of legends and popular traditions in post-Unification Italy. Despite being well-known on the Italian literary scene in the late nineteenth century, today her life and works have been forgotten. This paper aims to shed light on this neglected folklorist, starting from an investigation of her correspondence with prominent Italian figures, including Angelo De Gubernatis and Giuseppe Pitrè. A great passion comes to light especially for Alpine folklore, which she collected in the field and then published in Leggende delle Alpi (1889).

Part of 34-06 Preserving and Presenting Folklore Throughout History, Wednesday, October 20, 2:15 pm–3:45 pm