Telling the Bees: The Rising Popularity of Amature Apiculture

Laura Brianne Carter (Penn State Harrisburg)

Apis mellifera . The western honeybee is one of the earliest human-animal relationships since the development of agriculture. Backyard or hobby beekeeping has risen in popularity in the 21st century, in part due to increasing awareness of declining honeybee populations and its implications for the human food supply. As more hobby beekeepers join the “hive mind” of the internet, differing practices regarding hive health, honey extraction, and long-term colony management can confuse and frustrate amateurs. This paper will examine motivations, learning curves, and problems associated with backyard beekeeping through a personal lens. I intend to provide a personal perspective on the practice of backyard beekeeping, based on my experience in hobby apiculture.

Part of 61-02 Agriculture, Environment, and Community, Saturday, October 23, 8:30 am–10:00 am