The Dead Still Speak: Repiner Narratives and Conarration in the Death with Dignity Movement

Kaitlyn L. Kinney (Independent)

Death with Dignity as a thanatological social movement offers insight through their participant’s personal experience narratives into how vernacular death communication in the United States is undergoing dynamism. In this paper, I explore this through the repiner narrative -- a personal experience narrative that communicates others’ intersubjective traumas of medicalized death or dying. Analyzing these repiner narratives both structurally and performatively in the digital space of the “Death with Dignity: Stories” archive reveals the development of a form of conarration used to incorporate the voices of the dead into the teller’s personal experience narrative.

Part of 17-01 Continuing Conversations, Communicating Death, Monday, October 18, 7:00 pm–8:30 pm