“I Can Still Talk to Her”: Threshold (Hospice Bedside) Singing as Dialogic Farewell Communication

Stefani Priskos (Independent)

The Triangle Threshold Singers is a volunteer group that visits and sings with dying individuals and their families in North Carolina. Drawing on over a year of collaborative and auto-ethnography, this paper explores how the Triangle Threshold Singers facilitate multi-directional, dialogic communication in deathbed situations through seeking consent; active, embodied, listening; song choice; and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing about the dying process. What can we learn from a communal practice that affirms a dying individual’s personhood and honors the fact that they continue to live—to have preferences and desires and make choices—even as they are dying?

Part of 17-01 Continuing Conversations, Communicating Death, Monday, October 18, 7:00 pm–8:30 pm