Tianshui Taihao Fuxi Festival from the Perspective of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage

Hui Xi (Beijing Normal University)

The pursuit of the ancestors of humanities is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation and an important way to form national cohesion. As the hometown of Emperor Fuxi, the Taihao Fuxi Festival in Tianshui has a long history. It has been passed on since the Yuan Dynasty. It combines the ritual and music system with the local culture of Eastern Gansu. The ceremony has been actively participated by the community residents and has become a daily routine for the local people. Important customs in life. Based on the vision of human intangible cultural heritage, the article focuses on the status quo of the Tianshui Taihao Fuxi Festival, and uses the selection criteria of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List to discuss and measure its value connotation; through combing the list, using the selected list Comparison of the typical sacrificial rituals of Tianshui Taihao Fuxi Festival, learned the feasibility and necessity of its inclusion in the list, and proposed the activities of Tianshui Taihao Fuxi Festival according to the UNESCO "Convention for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage" and the operation guide Suggestions to help its protection, inheritance and sustainable development.

Part of 28-01 Field Studies on Traditions and Politics in Rural China, Tuesday, October 19, 8:45 pm–10:15 pm