Taloneando: Mariachi Apprenticeship in the Rise of Institutional Pedagogy

Russell C. Rodríguez (University of California, Santa Cruz)

This paper will examine how different contexts for transmission reveal different intentions and goals in sharing mariachi musical and cultural knowledge. In focusing on two specific locations of learning, the classroom and the cantina (public performance), it becomes clear where an emphasis towards musicality is juxtaposed by an ethos of communal active participation and co-creation. I argue that the classroom setting decentralizes the understanding of accompaniment and convivial interaction in addition to musical competency of ear training, transposing and improvisation, skills that are readily practiced in various conditions in which a mariachi apprentice works.

Part of 36-05 Cultural and Social Pedagogy in the Sites of Ethnic Mexican Music-Making, Wednesday, October 20, 5:15 pm–6:45 pm