Healing Moments: Nostalgia and Narrative in Korean Village Performance Space

Hilary V. Finchum-Sung (Association for Asian Studies)

This paper examines the experience programs of a rural folk transmission center on the southwestern island of Chindo, Republic of Korea. Located in Sop'o Village, the center hosts busloads of college students, families, and older Koreans eager to experience a way of life removed from the realities of the city. Through stories and songs, villagers introduce local aesthetics and lifestyles, breathing life into a past assumed long gone. Combined with the visitors’ expectations for a transformative and healing experience, performances transport participants to an assumed authentic space. Those gathered revel in these healing moments symbolizing Korean rootedness.

Part of 24-03 Searching for Healing in South Korea: In Loving Memory of Roger L. Janelli, Tuesday, October 19, 2:15 pm–3:45 pm