Bonding and Building Connections with the Nature: Exploring through the Indian Folktales

Tulika Chandra (Shiv Nadar University)

Folktales determine the impact on how powerfully they handle the concept of bringing nature and environment nearer to the folks. This paper will examine the folktales told orally that have adorned the therapeutic effect on human nature, the tales contain messages of positive attitudes towards nature. The folktales have the metaphor literalized and extended, and these are virtual displays of bonding with sacred nature’s connectedness to humans. Since classical antiquity, folk expressions have been interpreting nature, the rustling of leaves, fall of a river, bark of trees, flowers, such materiality into power, memory, and influence. The themes to be explored would include the belief of how a community’s existence is naturally connected to nature so that the community as a whole would suffer when the nature is ‘hurt’, or is injured, or is damaged.

Part of 14-07 Narrating Human-Nature Relations, Monday, October 18, 2:15 pm–3:45 pm