Lesbian Memes and the Curation of Queer Desire

Emma Carey Cobb (The Ohio State University)

Part autoethnography, this paper walks us through the world of Lesbian meme accounts on Instagram. Much like master storytellers, Instagram meme creators work expertly within their genre to open up space for people who stumble onto their accounts to explore their own relationships to queerness and desire. The memes give voice to queer experiences, working both descriptively and prescriptively. Following Ann Cvetkovitch’s theory of the “archive of feelings”, I show how Lesbian meme accounts on Instagram create archives of queer desire--not only recording desire, but engendering it. Understanding desire thusly, how does that expand our understanding of queer identity and queer community?

Part of 14-05 Lesbian Digital Archives: Virtually Curating and Creating Queer Desire and Community, Monday, October 18, 2:15 pm–3:45 pm