Women Artisans of Chikan: Investigating Traditions and Lived Realities of the Embroiderer Community

MeetaliĀ Srivastava (Ambedkar University Delhi)

Chikan, a traditional embroidery from Northern India has sifted through time, from the pre-colonial period to the contemporary, undergoing multiples changes while retaining its legacy. By studying the aspects of interpersonal and professional relationships shared by the women artisans situated at the peripheries, I propose to investigate the impact of the socio-economic and political structures that directly influence their immediate realities and the embroidery tradition that has been passed down. I would also examine the processes involved in the materialization and transformation of Chikan to facilitate a deeper understanding of the making of cultural production that eventually becomes instrumental to creating complex socio-political environments in society.

Part of 36-01 Textiles, Dress, and Agency, Wednesday, October 20, 5:15 pmā€“6:45 pm