Paso a paso se va muy lejos: Traveling the Path with AFS

Norma E. Cantú (Trinity University)

For over a hundred years, AFS has traveled a path laden with obstacles and opportunities. For over a hundred years, we have traced a unique path, built bridges and made our way through difficult terrains. In my address, I will focus on the path ahead for AFS. Using a braided or hybrid format--history, foodways, poetry, storytelling, and other genres--I offer opinions, theories, predictions, advice, and a bit of lore. I look back, take stock of where we are, and contemplate our future. Grounding my remarks on my own path and with references to various folk traditions, I challenge AFS to go forth and do work that matters in the world.

Part of AFS Presidential Plenary, Saturday, October 23, 6:00 pm–7:00 pm