Poo’miikapii and Personhood: A Collective Approach to Improving the Wellbeing of National Parks

Sandra Bartlett Atwood (Utah State University)

Paahtómahksikimi (Waterton National Park) lies nestled in the heart of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem and is one of the most sacred parts of Niitsitapi (Blackfoot) territory. However, due to the creation of National Parks, Niitsitapi have suffered from limited access to and management of this Chief of places. Employing ethnography and action research in concert with Niitsitapi collective methods, Niitsitapi Elder Ninna Piiksii (Chief Bird)/Mike Bruised Head and I developed an interpretive tool for Waterton Park horse trail guides to teach and assist them to more equitably and ethically work with the land, Niitsitapi, and other Park guests.

Part of 02-12 Folklore and the Environment, Thursday, October 13, 10:30 am–12:30 pm