On the Different Ways of Selling Baskets in Southwest China

Jason Baird Jackson (Indiana University)

As part of a larger project on the ways that bamboo baskets are created, circulated, used, displayed, and valued in Southwest China, this presentation will focus on diversity and differentiation in contemporary basketry marketing. Drawing upon research undertaken since 2013 in predominantly Bai (Yunnan), Dong (Guizhou, Guangxi), and Yao (Guangxi) areas, a range of marketing techniques will be described and contextualized. The existence of a diversity of sales strategies for baskets is not itself new but—as in other aspects of the craft economies of the region—the present time is one of diversification shaped by quickly changing social contexts.

Part of 03-08 On Becoming More Differentiated: Diversification of Craft Practices and Experiences in Southwest China, Thursday, October 13, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm