Nothing About Us, Without Us: A Folkloristic Approach to Creating Neurodivergent-Friendly Pedagogies for Secondary Classrooms

Brittney Hatchett (Brigham Young University)

This paper proposes an applied folkloristic/ethnographic approach to secondary school educational reform. In the last decade, understanding of ADHD and autism has begun to move towards a model of difference instead of deficit. However, most scholarship neglects the voices of ADHD and Autistic individuals themselves, and is typically not conducted by people in the neurodivergent community. Since education is inherently about teaching people whose lived experiences, culture, and identities inform the way they view the world, the narratives and experiences of ADHD and Autistic individuals can create educational pedagogies that more equitably consider the culture of neurodivergent people..

Part of 03-11 Folklore and Education Advocacy, Thursday, October 13, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm