“I have a hell of a job trying to explain the difference to the Philistines”: Hugill, Chanteys, and the Position of the Unpublished Manuscript in the Field of Folksong

Jessica  Floyd (Community College Baltimore County)

This presentation extends the work of looking critically at chantey collector Stan Hugill’s corpus, focusing specifically on the unexpurgated texts from his repertoire. Specifically, I interrogate the reality that the songs collected by erotic folksong collector Gershon Legman, from Hugill during the 1950s, are relative outliers in the field of chantey collection. I investigate how these songs might be outliers for two distinct reasons: perhaps the songs are the production of this one man (Hugill) or they represent the willingness of one man to do what other informants could not, which is reproduce the songs in their full bawdy capacity.

Part of 03-12 Song and Performance, Thursday, October 13, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm