Jewish Folktales from Morocco: The Case for the Use of Tales in Socio-Historical Research

Marc Eliany (Retired)

In simple yet witty Jewish Moroccan folktales, about the popular fictional hero Seha, a sage and clown, the author conveys intergenerational transmission of life lessons with commitment to social fairness. The author contextualizes the tales in socio-historical information, shedding light on processes of social change and modernization experienced by Moroccan Jews while subject to three competing national movements in Morocco, France and Israel. Following immigration consequences, socio-economic opportunities and related inequities in Israel and elsewhere are also discussed. Marc Eliany, a survey methodologist specialized in international health survey research, who became a transformational agent making a case for folktales and sung poetry in socio-historical research with focus on social change, modernization, immigration and equality.

Part of 09-14 Examining Folk and Fairy Tales, Saturday, October 15, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm