From Liepmabiergu to Suovas: The Development of Sámi Culinary Tourism and Food Sovereignty in Contemporary Sápmi

Thomas A. DuBois (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

In comparison with other cultures in the Nordic region, Sámi foodways have not become widely codified and shared via cookbooks, commodified by culinary institutions, or consumed by culinary tourists. Preparing, sharing, and consuming Sámi foods remains largely an insider activity by which Sámi mark a sense of belonging within the community. This paper examines the beginnings of more outsider-oriented Sámi dishes for sale in restaurants or food trucks, markets and festivals—dishes that meet the tastes and expectations of outsiders while also asserting or underscoring Sámi identity for producers and vendors.

Part of 09-13 Food, Terroir, and Tourism, Saturday, October 15, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm