Gathering Around the TikTok Table: The Intimacy of FoodTok

Christine J. Widmayer (Wisconsin Humanities)

On FoodTok—the “side” of TikTok where people share everything from what they ate in a day to beautiful recipe videos—variety abounds. FoodTok provides a rare look into the true breadth of cooking practices found in homes across the world. Somehow, despite its sweeping scale, FoodTok feels intimate. By bringing viewers into the homes of the cooks, the viewer feels welcomed at the table. This paper will examine the sense of connection created on FoodTok—especially in ethnic communities, like the author’s own Chaldean American community, where cooks and viewers find validation and a sense of home.

Part of 04-09 Creating Connections, Community, and Comfort in Virtual Food Communities, Friday, October 14, 8:30 am–10:00 am