Sumaq Kawsay: A Native Andean Sociopolitical Construct Challenging Western Notions of “Living Well”

Margarita  B. Marin-Dale (American University)

For centuries following the Spanish Conquest, Native Andean communities have been marginalized and have lived on the periphery of Eurocentric Andean life, fighting for equal justice and equal rights. Inspired by Native Andean beliefs, Sumaq Kawsay (“Living Well”) is a sociopolitical construct that promotes social and ecological responsibility, collective well-being, and a halt to endless capital accumulation and non-sustainable development. It has inspired reforms in the Ecuadorian and Bolivian Constitutions and has refocused larger public debates about Andean culture, politics, and identity.

Part of 03-06 Aspirations for a Better Life, Thursday, October 13, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm