Jean, Jorts, and the Discourse of Animal Personhood [virtual]

Sabina Magliocco (University of British Columbia)

Jean and Jorts are workplace cats whose antics electrified the Twitterverse by critiquing a range of human relations issues in the workplace. In addition to encouraging workplace unionization and advocating for disability rights, they also provide a platform for the discourse of animal personhood. The vernacular ontology of animals as persons has gained increasing visibility through the prominence of animal rescue organizations on social media. Through the magic of cute cat photos and humorous narratives, Jean and Jorts address color stereotypes, racism, speciesism, and the commodification of animals, arguing for a more just and inclusive world.

Part of 03-03 Jorts (Unbuttered, Unbothered, Unionized) [hybrid], Thursday, October 13, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm