Feminine-Voiced Balladry of the U.S. Southwest Borderlands: Poetics of “La Indita de Juliana Ortega”

Carmella Scorcia Pacheco (University of Arizona)

This project responds to the urgent need to recover omitted histories of Mexican-American women’s voices through contextual analysis of mid-19th century feminine-voiced folkloric balladry of New Mexico. This is the first study which conducts a poetic analysis of the ballad, "La indita de Juliana Ortega." Ethnopoetics is utilized as the primary methodology to conduct an in-depth analysis of formalistic components of oral literature which connect to key historical moments and contextualization. This study examines the complexity of children’s and women’s rights during a pivotal moment of New Mexico’s history as a recent territory of the U.S.

Part of 07-08 Women, Legend, and Ballad in Greater Mexico, Saturday, October 15, 8:00 am–10:00 am