Bengal Food Cultures in eyes of Global Corporatism: Folklore, Tradition, and Modernity

A.S.M. Abu Dayen (Jahangirnagar University)

The Bengal Delta is divided into two parts: the modern sovereign state Bangladesh and the Indian province of West Bengal. Like other regions across the Globe, the people of the Bengal Delta have a somewhat distinctive food culture. Althouhgh the Bengalis live in two different countries and sets of social circumstances, they also share significant similarities within their cultural life. The foodways of the delta serves as a crucial symbol of unity of the greater Bengal people. The urbanization of the rural Bengal delta has led to considerable degrees of culture loss. Bengal food, an important unifier, is being threatened by this urbanization. The modern trend in the urban Bengali life is to adopt more global customs. Interestingly, the urban settlers those who are fond of global lifestyle are now chasing after the traditions and folklife that they formerly overlooked. Because corporate businesses and the more affluent are focusing on the beauty and attraction of the traditional folklife, we are now witnessing a meaningful rebirth of traditional foodways in Bengal life. In this paper, I am trying to find out how the corportae capitalism is running behind the folk foodways.

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