A “Global Citizen” on Hyperlocal Media: Live Performances of Place and Personhood on Community Radio

Adriane Pontecorvo (Indiana University)

Concepts of community radio tend to define the medium through a set of fundamental ideologies linking it to a hyperlocal sense of place. This presentation analyzes sonic layers of music, voice, and narrative in an archived performance by Ghanaian-born musician Rocky Dawuni on Indiana-based community radio station WFHB as offering new understandings of how performances of music from outside a community radio station’s primary listening area have the potential to shape aural imaginaries of a local community. These moves yield more general insights into how radio can both deconstruct and reinforce community boundaries through live broadcasts and their subsequent archiving.

Part of 09-08 Re-Examining Musical Imaginaries: The Place of Sound in Shaping Community, Saturday, October 15, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm