Fish Tales and Friendship

Rachelle H. Saltzman (Oregon Folklife Network)

Virtual communities abound and even more so thanks to the 2020-22 pandemic. Many are built on members’ having a previous/current real-life relationship, but others have developed among strangers with a common interest such as food in general or a particular kind of food or food preparation. Sitka Salmon Shares, a fish CSA, has its own Facebook group, a supportive venue for fish prep stories, meeting those who turn out to FOF, and a mostly congenial exchange of recipes, advice, and ideas. Posts involve a range of storytelling subgenres from a photo and brief description plus recipe link to full-blown narratives with photos that carefully explain how to prepare a particular dish. While there are occasional negative comments, for the most part, this group functions to provide support and affirmation for members.

Part of 04-09 Creating Connections, Community, and Comfort in Virtual Food Communities, Friday, October 14, 8:30 am–10:00 am